VE.A Vermillion's Ergonomics Keyboard - Armored

Do you use keyboard?

For most people, basic keyboard is a really cruel thing for wrist and shoulder.
People awares long time typing ends up with painful wrist and shoulder.
If your occupation needs long typing time, you probably have a chronic pain of wrist and shoulder.

Is there no better way than taking off from keyboard and stretch often?

Our answer is "THERE CERTAINLY IS".

All people who types must use comfortable keyboard.

How about VE.A?

VE.A's two split parts can be joined like puzzle pieces.

Probably you are used in a split keyboard like VE.A.
It takes time to be used in Split layout.
With VE.A, you can adjust angle for your confortable posture.
VE.A can be used in basic layout form or split layout formm, with one keyboard.

Custom Keyboard

You deserves to have a fully personalized keyboard built for you.

Wanna rhythmical typing or firm, solid typing?

Wanna silence stroke or clicky sound?

Wanna smooth slide or tactile feedback on your fingertips?

Wanna remap key inputs?

Keyboard, is important.

Yes it's very important.

No need to emphasize the reason why a good knife is important to a chef.
Same reason, no need to explain why a good keyboard is important to everyone who types.

Here, we are presenting The VE.A.

  • Four pieces of Aluminium Armor, CNC, Anodized
  • Two pieces of Poly-Carbonate Frame, CNC
  • Two pieces of 1.5T STS Switch mounting plate
  • Two pieces of 0.8T STS Laser marked plate
  • Cherry MX / Alps SKCx Compatible
  • Split layout linked with SATA cable
  • 18 RGB LED under bottom side
  • Full in-switch LED
  • 6+1 Key rollover
  • ps2avrGB firmware by