VE.A Assembly Guide

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A. Check parts

1. Check PCB connectors

  • Check USB connector and SATA connector is soldered
  • SATA connectors are modified by hand, so it may looks not clean.

2. Check PCB chips

  • Check all essential chips are soldered.
  • Resistors for normal(in-swich, 3-locks) LED is not pre-soldered.

3. Check Case

  • Aluminium top armor x 2EA
  • Aluminium bottom armor x 2EA
  • Poly-carbonate frame x 2EA

4. Check Switch mounting plate

  • Check 1.5T STS swtich mounting place.
  • Black STS plate is optional.

5. Check Marking plates.

  • STS Marking plate x 2EA
  • This photo is limited edition plates.

6. Check misc

  • Urethane bumpon x 8EA
  • 5mm M2 flat-head bolt x 12EA
  • 15mm M3 hex socket flat head cap bolt x 8EA

B. PCB Assembly

1. Check PCB functions

  • Connect SATA cables
  • Connect USB cable
  • At this point, LED won't lit.
  • Quick guide to setup RGB LED
    1. Download BootMapperClient and install.
    2. Launch BootMapperClient
    3. If you use another keyboard with ps2avrGB firmware, you have to disconnect that first.
    4. Click upper-right Options tab.
    5. Click upper-left Connect button.
    6. Change Num of RGB LEDs to 18(You can input by keyboard), click change button.
    7. Change RGB LED mode selection and color setting to 1.Rainbow.
    8. Set 7 colors as following in order
      1. FF0000
      2. FFFF00
      3. 00FF00
      4. 00FFFF
      5. 0000FF
      6. FF00FF
      7. 000000
    9. Click update color button.
    10. Change type to Flow.
  • If you see flowing rainbow colors, it's done.

2. Solder 3-Lock LEDs

  • We recommend to float 3-Lock LEDs about 1cm from PCB surface.

3. Split PCB

  • Split PCB off the guide parts.
  • Beware not to break PCB.

4. Assemble stabilizer

Assemble stabilizers, Note, most upper right stabilizer is optional for 2x Delete keycaps.

5. Switch Assembly

  • Place mounting plate on PCB and insert switches.
  • We recommend solder four corners and center switch first.
  • You can choose your prefered bottom row layout
  • You can also use 2x key on top right position. You must assemble stabilizer for 2x key first.
Example of left bottom row layout.
  • Photo shows basic 1.25x, 1.25x, 1.25x layout.
Example of right bottom row layout
  • Photo shows basic 1.25x, 1x, 1.25x layout.
Beware not to short two very adjacent pads of Caps Lock switch

6. Key input test

  • Check all switches are functional.
  • Connect SATA cable and connect USB cable.
  • If you use another keyboard with ps2avrGB firmware, you have to disconnect that first.
  • Quick guide to test inputs
    1. Download BootMapperClient and install.
    2. Launch BootMapperClient
    3. Click left-upper Download button.
    4. Click right-upper toggle bootmapper button.
    5. At this point CapsLock LED will blink
    6. Press individual switch and check matching column indicated with red color.

C. In-switch LED Assembly

1. Check LED

  • Long reed indicates Positive(+)

2. LED Soldering

  • Insert LED through switch and solder.
  • Beware +/- when solder bottom row or CapsLock (and other optional position switches).
  • If LED is not completely inserted, it can interfere key stroke. Make sure to insert LED completely.

3. Select Lock LED Mode

  • Near Locks switches, you can find F[][][]L pattern. This is for LED mode selection.
  • When F[][] pattern is shorted(connected), LED will act as Full-LED mode.
  • When [][]L pattern is shorted(connected), LED will act as Lock-LED mode.

D. Case Assembly

1. Mounting plate - Upper Armor Assembly

  • Assemble mounting plate with top armor parts.
  • Use 12 M2 bolts. Beware M2 bolts can be crushed easily, be gentle with it.

2. Put all case parts togather

  • Put top armor+mounting plate parts and PC frame and bottom armor togather.
  • Use 8 M3 bolts. Tighten in diagonal order.

3. Bumpons and Marking plates

  • Put 8 bumpons in proper positions.
  • Put marking plate with glues like double-sided tape.
  • Do not use too much glues or tapes, it's really hard to take off later. (I mean it. I've been there. MAN!)

4. Keycaps

  • Put keycaps on
  • It's almost done!

D. Finish

All done!

  • Connect it to your PC.
  • Adjust angle for your wrist and soulders.
  • It will be better if you have VE Stand.
  • If you want to know hot to use custom functions, here's User Guide