We make odd things.

When we say "odd", it means "special".
Because we make odd things special.


We make various odd things.

Custom keyboard

When it comes to a keyboard, we are big enthusiasts. With our custom keyboard, we can take your typing experience into another zone.

Metal Works

We provide metal workshop service. Bending, laser-cutting, CNC, MCT, V-cutting and etc.


We provide e-commerce service of our products. (Under development)

Team Oddforge

Odd people who makes odd things

JungHo Lee ildustry

Lead Executive Producer

Useless thing is not the worst, sloppy thing is.

ZeFyr Jeong Vermillion

Product Designer, Developer

One day, I'm gonna open a restaurant, and everything on the menu is gonna be special.
So, when somebody comes in and says "Hey, Kelso, what's special on the menu?", I can say "Everything."